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Media Releases

Real estate watchdog recommends new clauses for agency agreements to protect sellers

Wednesday 5/11/2014

The Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) is recommending real estate agents selling residential property use new standard clauses in their terms and conditions to better protect consumers....More

Public to have chance to object to real estate agent applications

Monday 28/07/2014

​From August this year changes are being made to the current licensing system for real estate agents in an effort to improve the application process, reduce costs and protect the interests of home buyers and sellers nationwide. ...More

Hastings company guilty of unlicensed trading

Tuesday 17/12/2013

Hastings company, International Resource and Development Corporation Limited (IRDC), was sentenced on an unlicensed trading charge in the Hastings District Court last week....More

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Industry Newsletter December 2014

Wednesday 17/12/2014

In this issue: introduction of standard clauses for rural agency agreements; guidance about disclosure of sensitive issues; is real estate in NZ being used to launder money and a review of what we did in 2014....More

Industry Newsletter October 2014

Wednesday 29/10/2014

In this issue: standard clauses for residential agency agreements; guidance on the client consent form (form 2) and provisional valuations; annual customer perception survey results; update on the qualifications review; and meet our facilitation team....More

Industry Newsletter August 2014

Thursday 28/08/2014

In this issue: standard clauses for residential agency agreements; compliance guidance from the Tribunal; and a reminder that salespeople need to be properly supervised no matter how long they have had a licence....More