The Real Estate Agents Authority is responsible for dealing with complaints about licensed real estate agents.

​​We run an independent, fair and open complaint process and maintain a public register of licensed real estate agents that includes information about any complaints that have been upheld.

Find out about your agent before dealing with them

Before dealing with a real estate agent you should check if they have had any complaints upheld against them. We maintain a public register ​of licensed real estate agents​ that includes information on any upheld complaints.

Contact us if you have a problem with an agent

We are responsible for addressing complaints about the behaviour of agents and run an independent, fair and open complaint process.
If you have a problem with an agent you can make a complaint to us.
Anyone can make a complaint and it does not cost anything.
You can complain about the behaviour of a current or former licensed real estate agent.

Using a real estate agency’s complaint process

Real estate agencies are required to have written in-house procedures to deal with complaints.  We encourage you to talk about your complaint to the real estate agency concerned as this may be the quickest and easiest way to resolve the issue. You can either raise your complaint with us or take it up with the agency first and contact us if you are not satisfied with the outcome. Remember you can contact us at any stage about your complaint.