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Search our public register of all licensed real estate agents, salespeople, branch managers and companies to:


  • Find contact details
  • Check who you’re dealing with is licensed
  • See if they’ve had any complaints upheld against them in the last three years.


See below for more information about the public register and how to search it.

There is problem with the information being displayed about company licences. We are getting this fixed but if you have any questions please contact us on 0800 367 7322 (04 471 8930). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

How can I search the public register?

You can search the register in two ways:
  • Search for an individual or company by name, narrowing the results by location if you wish
  • Search for a specific licensee by their license number.
If you don’t know the individual or company’s full name you can search using a part of the name.
You can use an * at the beginning or at the end of a name in your search as a wildcard to help find someone where they may go by a different name.
You will also need to answer a simple maths question with each search to prevent spammers from collecting information from the site.

Who is listed in the public register?

The register lists all licensed real estate agents, salespeople, branch managers and companies.

It is illegal to carry out real estate agency work without a licence. If you deal with an unlicensed person you will not be able to seek redress through us if things go wrong.

What information about licensees is in the public register?

The register records licensees’ contact details, license details and any complaints upheld in the last three years.  

What information about complaints is in the public register? 

The register records details of complaints upheld in the last three years.
Complaints decisions are not published:
  • Until the period of filing an appeal (20 working days) has ended. 
  • If an application for name suppression or non-publication of a decision is made to the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal - the complaint decision will not be published until the Tribunal has made a decision on this.
  • If the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal has ordered that the complaint decision is not to be published.
Complaints that haven’t been upheld are not recorded as they may unfairly affect the licensee. 

How can I update the public register? 

Licensees are responsible for letting us know of any changes to circumstances, such as changes to contact details or anything that could affect their license. Licensees can view more detailed information about what changes they need to notify us of and how to do it.