Industry Newsletter December 2015


In this issue: using the TTMRA as a shortcut to getting an agents licence; online licensing; standard clauses FAQs; adding and changing clauses in sale and purchase agreements; and the latest in our top tips for keeping safe series.

Industry Newsletter November 2015


In this issue: our latest top tips for keeping safe; what you need to know about the new property tax rules; how to avoid issues with sale and purchase agreements; and what kiwis think of their real estate industry.

Industry Newsletter August 2015


In this issue: our latest top tips for keeping safe; guidance on who is a related person when it comes to declaring a conflict of interest; Auckland Council’s new policy on unauthorised building works and some information on how successful appeal are.

Industry Newsletter June 2015


In this issue: what your obligations are when getting ready to market a property; the importance on good communication to help the auction process run smoothly; a look at CAC’s and the results of the 2015 non-verifiable continuing education audit.

Industry Newsletter April 2015


In this issue: unfair contract terms and roll-over clauses; compliance reminder about trust account regulations; the importance of keeping your customers informed in a multi offer situation and what the industry looks like after renewals.

Industry Newsletter February 2015


In this issue: standard clauses for rural agency agreements; guidance on removal of old advertising; use of roll-over clauses in agency agreements; and potential implications of not having a signed listing agreement in place for commerical sales.