Industry Newsletter December 2014


In this issue: introduction of standard clauses for rural agency agreements; guidance about disclosure of sensitive issues; is real estate in NZ being used to launder money and a review of what we did in 2014.

Industry Newsletter October 2014


In this issue: standard clauses for residential agency agreements; guidance on the client consent form (form 2) and provisional valuations; annual customer perception survey results; update on the qualifications review; and meet our facilitation team.

Industry Newsletter August 2014


In this issue: standard clauses for residential agency agreements; compliance guidance from the Tribunal; and a reminder that salespeople need to be properly supervised no matter how long they have had a licence.

Industry Newsletter June 2014


In this issue: changes to the advertising requirements for new licence applicants; licensees obligations around the disclosure of building reports; an update on some recent Tribunal decisions and an article about serious negligence.

Industry Newsletter April 2014


In this issue: Law change on vendor bids at auction; the skills an agent is expected to display; the importance of supervision; compliance reminder about taking care with advertising required name information and unlicensed trading prosecutions to date.

Industry Newsletter February 2014


In this issue: what you need to know about unsubstantiated representations; changes to the way we handle complaints; a reminder about your obligations when making marketing decisions; unit title disclosure requirements; marketing best practice and more.