10 top tips

These 10 top tips have been put together by REAA’s investigation team. The tips address the key reasons for the complaints and enquiries that the team refers to CACs and the Tribunal.

​1 Have good systems, processes and policies and ensure these are followed.
​2 Use common sense – listen to your instincts. If something feels wrong, don’t do it. Or call us or speak to a senior agent in your agency for advice.
​3 Keep up to date. We recommend you read REAA newsletters and CAC and Tribunal decisions, and keep on top of your continuing education.​
​4 Use other professionals. You’re not expected to be a lawyer or accountant – refer to your manager if you're unsure. 
​5 Know what you are selling. Don’t rely on the vendor’s word - refer to the certificate of title when you list a property.
​6 Don’t make the vendor’s problems your problems. Discuss any defects with the vendor who can choose to address the problem or disclose.
​7 If in doubt, disclose. Or call us or speak to a senior licensee in your agency for advice.​
​8 Keep a written record to protect yourself - especially if you’re disclosing or referring a purchaser to professional advice.​
​9 Check that your client - or the buyer you are speaking to - understands the key points you have talked to them about.
​10​ Deal with any complaints professionally. Take complaints seriously and have a robust complaints process in place. Understand the issues and look for ways to resolve them. Sometimes it’s easier to say sorry and make amends.​
Call REAA's investigations team on 0800 367 7322 if you have questions or comments about these tips.