Review of Appointments Process Completed


Real Estate Agents Authority
Kristy McDonald QC

Last week questions were asked about the process by which Mr Jonathan Moss was
appointed to the staff of the Real Estate Agents Authority.

On behalf of the REAA board and to resolve those questions, I asked Wellington barrister and solicitor Mr John Edwards to carry out an independent review of that process.

Mr Edwards has now completed that review and the Board has received the report.

The review shows that:

  • The appointment process was a commonplace operational matter managed by the
    Chief Executive and her senior staff
  • Mr Moss fully disclosed all relevant information, including the circumstances
    surrounding his departure from the Police and ongoing inquiries, during the
    employment process
  • Mr Moss was the most highly qualified candidate
  • There was no impropriety in the appointment process
  • The process by which Mr Moss was employed did not result in any unfairness to any
    other candidates.
  • Any departures from best practise were not material to the result of the appointment process.

The Board of the REAA welcomes the results of the review, supports the recommendation that the Authority adopts the recruitment policy of the State Service Commission and has no further comment to make on this matter.


A copy of the report is available by emailing

Download this media release (.pdf 23KB).