Real Estate Agents Authority Calls for Continuing Education Providers


Real Estate Agents Authority Chief Executive, Keith Manch, has today called for applications to become approved continuing education providers for 2012.

Mr Manch said “the Authority will be implementing mandatory continuing education for all real estate licensees from 1 January 2012.

We are now seeking applications from capable and experienced organisations to become approved as providers of continuing education. These providers will deliver high quality continuing education to the real estate industry” said Mr Manch.

“The first year of continuing education for real estate licensees will reinforce the Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules and will focus on licensees’ disclosure obligations such as disclosing any defects with a property that they know about – or should know about”.

“Disclosure is a really important issue for those involved in buying and selling property and is an area where a lot of concerns are raised with us”, he said.

Mr Manch went on to say “continuing education is an important tool that the Authority will use to help regulate the real estate industry providing better outcomes for buyers and sellers and increased professionalism in the industry. We are excited to be taking this next step toward the introduction of continuing education”.

The Authority is working with ETITO, an Industry Training Organisation for the Real Estate industry, to develop the course materials. Learning objectives and the course curriculum will be available by 31 December 2011 and course materials will be progressively available from January through end February 2012. This will enable approved providers to begin training delivery early in the New Year. The Authority encourages the real estate sector to engage constructively with ETITO in this important work.

Anyone seeking to apply to become an approved provider should visit the Authority’s website and download the Call for Applications document. The Authority will accept applications until 9am Monday 14 November 2011.

Summary of Continuing Education Framework

  • Continuing education will become a prerequisite for licence renewal from 1 January 2013.
  • Continuing Education requirements will apply to all licensees who have an active licence.
  • From 1 January 2012 reviving licensees, whose license has been suspended for more than 12 months, will need to complete an additional 10 hours of verifiable refresher training when re-entering the industry.
  • The Authority recognises industry based education licensees already undertake, but also expects them to undertake specific education that reinforces knowledge about complying with the Act, Regulations and Rules.
  • Continuing education requirements will be that for each calendar year, all licensees will need to successfully complete at least 10 hours of verifiable education (this is in relation to complying with the Act, Regulations and Rules) and 10 hours of non-verifiable education (this includes conferences, in house training, personal professional development and other industry-based training).
  • The Authority has established and chairs an advisory group made up of representatives from consumer groups, the industry, and industry groups as well as a continuing education expert. This group provides an avenue for all stakeholders to provide the Authority with their views on emerging issues that may require specific education.
  • Any organisation, including real estate agencies, can apply to the Authority to be accredited as a provider of continuing education to the real estate industry. Providing these organisations can demonstrate meeting a range of criteria, they will be considered for being able to offer continuing education to licensees.


ETITO is the Industry Training Organisation for the real estate industry as gazetted by the Minister for Tertiary Education pursuant to the Industry Training Act 1992.
ETITO is committed to working with its industries to assist firms to improve their performance, and has a statutory mandate to:

  • provide leadership on matters relating to skill and training needs (which includes the alignment of training systems with regulatory requirements).
  • design standards, qualifications, and a cogent qualifications pathway for the sector that meet the needs of employers, advisers, regulators and consumers; and
  • design, manage and quality assure the national training and assessment system for the sector.

In doing this work, ETITO collaborates with industry bodies, regulators, training providers, firms and individuals.

The Real Estate Agents Authority is working with the ETITO to facilitate the development of learning objectives, common course curriculum and training resources to support the consistent delivery, by approved continuing education providers, of continuing education for real estate licensees.

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