Australian licence holders applying for a New Zealand licence

The Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement applies to the real estate industry in New Zealand.

​However, anyone who is eligible to be licensed under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement must still apply to us for the appropriate licence before they engage in any real estate business in New Zealand.

About the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement between New Zealand and Australia

Under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement (TTMRA), people registered to practice an occupation in one country are entitled to register to practice the equivalent occupation in the other, without the need for further testing or examination.

You will still need a New Zealand licence

Even if you are qualified and licensed in Australia you will still need to apply to us to be licensed as an agent, branch manager or salesperson in New Zealand.
It is illegal to carry out real estate work in New Zealand unless you are licensed here.

Applying for a New Zealand licence

To apply for a real estate licence online you will need a RealMe login. When you have logged into our Licensee Portal​ using your RealMe login, you will be asked to enter information about yourself. You will also be asked to upload a passport size photo and other documents as proof of your identify and your registration in Australia.  

For more information about your online application read this guide:

You will also need to complete and upload this document in support of your licence application: Declaration in support of TTMRA application​ form. (.pdf 406KB)
Additional requirements for NSW ​registrants 
If you have a New South Wales registration you can be issued with a New Zealand licence but will need to meet additional requirements.
The activities real estate agents and salespersons are authorised to carry out in New South Wales are different to those in New Zealand and they are not equivalent occupations. In particular, real estate agents and salespersons in NSW are not authorised to prepare agreements for the sale and purchase of land or of a business.

If you have a NSW registration you will need to complete Unit Standard 23137 (Demonstrate knowledge of the sale and purchase agreement and facilitate sale of real estate) within six months of us issuing you with a licence. You will be expected to provide certification to show this has been achieved.

See our information on required qualifications for a list of education providers.

Restrictions for NSW registrants

You will not be able to prepare any agreement for the sale and purchase of land; or any interest in land; or of the goodwill of a business; or of chattels; or give advice about legal rights and obligations that is incidental to the preparing of this kind of agreement until you have six months experience as a licensee and have provided us with certification that you have successfully completed Unit Standard 23137.​​​​

Restrictions for Queensland registrants - Auctions

In New Zealand, real estate licensees are able to carry out auctions without being registered as an auctioneer. This is not the case in Queensland.  Therefore, under section 25 of the TTMRA, the following condition will be imposed on your licence:

The licensee shall not advertise or undertake the business of selling or negotiating for the sale of any real estate on behalf​ of any other person by conducting or attempting to conduct an auction.​​