Get smart before selling a property

Selling a property is a complex legal process and a very significant financial transaction – so it is essential that you find out as much as possible about the process before you begin.

Download our free ​guide for buying and selling property: Buyers and sellers guide - Get smart before buying and selling property (.pdf 692 KB)

Get a lawyer before you set out to sell your property

Selling can be a fast-moving process and you will need independent legal advice.

You can find a lawyer through the “find a lawyer” section of the New Zealand Law Society’s website

Selecting a licensed real estate agent to market your property

Most sellers choose to use an agent to market and sell their property. You can contact as many agents as you like for an appraisal of your property before you decide who to list with. If you want to work with a specific agent you can contact them directly.

Contact details for all licensed real estate agents in New Zealand are available from our online public register

We recommend you use an agency to sell your property​ who uses the standard clauses in their agency agreements (residential and rural agreements only). These clauses help protect you by providing clarity on when an agency agreement ends and when a commission needs to be paid.  Find out more and get a list of agencies using the standard clauses.​​

Check if an agent is licensed and has had any complaints upheld against them

You can search our online public register of licensed real estate agents to see if your agent is licensed and whether they have had any complaints upheld against them.

Signing an agency agreement

Once you have selected an agent to market your property they will ask you to sign an agency agreement. This is a legally binding contract and you should consult your lawyer before signing it. Your agent must recommend that you get legal advice before signing an agency agreement.

Your agent must also give you a copy of the Agency Agreement Approved Guide before you sign the agency agreement and ask you to confirm in writing that you have received it.  We recommend that you read this guide before meeting with agents and choosing which agent(s) you wish to deal with.

Read the Agency Agreement Guide​​ (.pdf 271KB).

This guide is also available in a number of languages from the Forms and Publications section.

What happens if an offer is made on your property?

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