Buying a home?

Buying a home is a big deal. That's why we’ve provided some information on the most important things to consider.

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Do your own research about the property

The real estate salesperson represents the seller. He or she will tell you a lot about the property and will answer any questions, but you should do your own research as well. 

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Get legal advice

Buying property is expensive, and it can cost even more if something goes wrong. That’s why it’s important to get your own legal advice before you sign anything.

We recommend you engage a lawyer to help you through the buying process. Choose a lawyer before you set out to buy a property – buying can be a fast-moving process.

Sale and purchase agreements are legally binding documents, and you should consult your lawyer before signing them.

Find a property lawyer

  • Get recommendations from friends, family or work colleagues.
  • Contact the local branch of the New Zealand Law Society.
  • Visit

Understand the sale process and method of sale

There are several methods of buying and selling property — for example, tender or 
auction. It’s important to understand the process for the property you would like to buy.
Practices vary from salesperson to salesperson and from sale to sale. Make sure you confirm the details with the real estate salesperson and get legal advice before you sign anything.

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Read the sale and purchase agreement and understand what it can mean for you

The sale and purchase agreement is legally binding so it’s important to read it carefully and get legal advice. You can negotiate the terms and conditions of an agreement but once you sign it there’s no going back.

We publish a guide about the sale and purchase agreement​​​​. The salesperson must give you a copy of the guide before you sign a sale and purchase agreement. We recommend reading the guide early in the buying process. 

Download a copy of the Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide (pdf 576KB).

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Understand the language of buying property

The property market has a lot of words and jargon that may be new to you. Use our glossary​​ to find out what everything means​.

Home Buyers' Guide

Download the Home Buyers' Guide​ (pdf 253KB).​